Field of Flax

A time-traveling exploration of place with community growers in Bootle-cum-Linacre, ‘A Field of Flax’ is a year-long public art and deeply engaged community project devised and lead by artist and weaver Raisa Kabir.

Before the imports of cotton for spinning & weaving began in the 18th Century, the North West of England was home to the indigenous production of wool & linen. Together we will unearth local histories and transform Bootle into a collective garden, as we grow, process, spin & weave a ‘field’ of flax in collaboration with Taking Root — a network of community gardens, gardeners and volunteers. Local people will work with us to nurture flax in public spaces, plant pots, schools, and parks across Linacre, working together to produce linen thread, which we will then weave into a permanent artwork.

We will use the growing process as a mechanism to delve deeper into Bootle’s histories and connect threads to sustainable futures in Sefton. Artists, thinkers and activists will be invited to join us and explore themes of commoning, land rights, climate change & environmental justice throughout the project.

We are inviting local people to join us in planting and growing flax from home. If you live in Linacre and would like to get involved, find out more here.

Lead Artist:
Raisa Kabir
Taking Root