Moon in Venus

Working with Venus – an organisation dedicated to improving the life chances of women and families living in South Sefton and artist Jeanne van Heeswijk, we propose to rethink the issue of debt. We are developing plans for action that will support the wellbeing of women who seek advice for debt management.

Jeanne’s practice aims to “radicalise the local” and in projects such as Homebaked, Freehouse, and Philadelphia Assembled, has established sustainable new frameworks for local people to design their own futures through participatory, performative and practical actions. Her work creates spaces and situations that generate new relationships and connections that can be established and activated between groups of people and institutions.

Using a ‘commoning’ approach that acknowledges the women we support as experts-by-experience, we will design a process that will formulate actions to bring about change, working with artists, writers, thinkers, economists and policy-makers.