We make small but beautiful projects, produced with time and care, that embed contemporary art practices in everyday life.

In the garden, the Rule of Threes determines how best to plant your vegetables, suggesting combinations of plants that co-exist harmoniously and support each other to flourish. This describes the way we hope to work with artists and communities. We aim to initiate new art programmes which create agency and change for people and their local neighbourhoods, bringing together artists, producers and local people. Our current strands concern spatial and economic justice, and the rights of children and young people.

Rule of Threes is a not-for-profit company based in Sefton, Merseyside, established by Maria Brewster and Sue Potts in 2018.

We are committed to supporting the development of co-created arts practice within all of our work. Our projects support early career artists to develop their work and create opportunities to work alongside established artists in a community of practice model.

As a social business, we offer consultancy and partnerships. We reinvest any surplus generated into community projects, supporting artists and seeding new ideas.

We’re a tiny team with a wider network of incredible associates and creative collaborators, who bring their specialist energy and skills to our projects and commissions.


Maria Brewster is a curator, producer and arts consultant. She has worked in strategic roles for and with many arts organisations across the North West, including Liverpool Biennial, Bluecoat and FACT; and with individual artists and grassroots organisations, identifying opportunities and realising ambitious projects with social and artistic impact.

Sue Potts has a background in research and development across the arts, community sector and higher education. She has held a number of roles including leading the digital inclusion strategy for the International Centre for Digital Content at LJMU, researcher in Collaborative Arts Practice at Liverpool Screen School and was P/T Head of Development at Heart of Glass.

Programme & Communications

Faye Hamblett-Jones is our Programme Producer for Rule of Threes and manages communications for Human Libraries. She enjoys supporting artists in bringing their projects to fruition, organising, and connecting people with new and meaningful experiences. She can often be found in Bootle carrying a lot of bags.

Lucy Murphy is our Creative Projects & Communications Assistants. She has a background in theatre and advocating for students rights. She is passionate about social and political movements and empowering members of the community to utilise their voices as a tool to advocate for change.

Clara Popp is also our Creative Projects & Communications Assistant. She is a writer and anthropologist with a passion for using her skills support social change and see the powerful impacts of art.


Debbie Chan is an arts producer, project manager and facilitator based in Bolton. Her interests revolve around collaboration, creative processes, social engaged practice and the power of play. We work with Debbie on consultation and production work whenever we can, most recently on The Cap and Dove, and The Fire Within.

Niamh Riordan is an artist and writer with a particular interest in food as a material and space for arts practice. A member of Fairland Collective, she works with us as a Creative Producer for Human Libraries.

Laura Yates is a Participation specialist and occasionally a writer. She is Participation Producer for Human Libraries where she focusses on good practice in supporting people, on local history and heritage as a mechanism for engagement.

Nicki McCubbing is an artist working with sculpture, installation and projects with people. Nicki is interested in familiar objects, play and blurring the boundaries between art and not art. She is currently working with us as Creative Producer on Playing Out.