House of Annetta

The stark class and race inequalities in the UK are underpinned by who has access to wealth, land and property, and the privileges that divide us have only been heightened since the covid-19 pandemic. Working closely with Assemble, we are leading an ambitious fundraising strategy to fund the development of the House of Annetta — a social centre, research platform and resource for those committed to land rights and housing justice in the UK.

The project will transform 25 Princelet Street, the former home of activist and artist Annetta Pedretti, in Spitalfields into a space that provides resources for grass-roots movements and local people, to address through practical collective action the issue of land and housing justice in London, with partners including Shared Assets, Land In Our Names and TATI.
We have provided fundraising support for the seedbed phase of the project, supporting residencies, creative participation, a communal garden and kitchen, which will see the space come to life with communities and activists. This phase will provide proof of concept, and alongside it we will support the project partners to establish the right model and attract capital investment to secure the Grade 2 Listed building for this social purpose in perpetuity.

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