At The Library

An ongoing programme of artist-led projects, commissions and happenings in Sefton’s Libraries, which allows local people to connect and collaborate with artists, and rethinks the civic role of Libraries in our communities. Our philosophy is that everyone has “gifts of the heart, the hand and the head” to offer their community. Through artist-led processes, our programme creates ways for people to access and share those gifts in their area.

Devised by Rule of Threes in partnership with Sefton Libraries, the programme is co-created by artists, library-goers and staff. Our focus is connecting people in Sefton to enhance collective wellbeing, sense of place, and offer opportunities to engage with art and artists in their neighbourhoods.

Project Partners
Sefton Libraries
Commissioned Artists
Raju Rage, Harun Morison, Bella Milroy, Francis Disley, Fairland Collective, Ciara Phillips, Laurence Payot, Rebecca Davies & Eva Savojic, Amber Akaunu , Fauziya Johnson, Fairland Collective, Reena Makwana, Jenny Steele, Greg Herbert, Aliyah Hussain, Navi Kaur, Luiza Prado de O Martins, Leanne Cook, Flis Mitchell and Sean Roy Parker
Funded by
Arts Council England & National Lottery Community Fund through Reaching Communities
Aliyah Hussain, The Kitchen Table Collective, 2020