Semillas from la Sala: borlotti, carico, frijoles negros

Tending to the soil, planting seeds, watching them grow, harvesting beans, and drying them for next year, to share and grow again. A grounding practice that takes care of our place in a wider ecology, as well as a local, sharing economy. In tending to these things, and following their rhythms — slow, seasonal, circular — we learn better how to tend to ourselves and those around us. Each year, la Sala shares seeds – some local, some heritage varieties, all saved from last year’s crop. This year’s offering marks the week of the spring equinox.

Saving seeds is one of the simplest ways that we can secure our planetary future, through preserving crop diversity, restoring ecological heritage for generations to follow, and telling stories that model a future we might want to live in.

Pre-order to receive a free packet of seeds before the end of April so you can plant them out in May, emailing with the title ‘la Sala seed packet’. The seed pack has been designed by Rose Nordin for la Sala, commissioned by Rule of Threes for their programme Wild Strawberries.


Borlotti beans, Spanish runner beans, British runner beans, Caricos, Frijoles negros.

la Sala is a collective feminist space for sustainability, biodiversity, and care, based in the Midlands. We work seasonally, with art and food, usually around a kitchen table. We also have an allotment where we cultivate and rest.