Wild Strawberries

In our work, we often talk a lot about ‘strawberry development’ — the idea of planting projects in different places, seeing if they take off and naturally develop into something fruitful, and hopefully over time, generate new thinking. During a period when everything felt disconnected, we have found small gems of ideas in conversations with artists and collaborators, seeding thoughts for a series of small invitations, suggestions and proposals.

We initially explored what approaches to social practice we might take in the future, but with so much happening in the present, we returned to what we could do now to produce and share ideas with care and consideration. The commissions focus on creating at present, and building new connections for work we want to produce together in the future. Nurturing the ideas of our collaborators, the small collection of commissions focuses on deep sustained engagement, looking after ourselves, and writing alternative narratives to benefit the masses and inspire a more sustainable future alongside each other.

From using the moon phases as indicators to pause and reflect on the month ahead to growing seeds at home, to participating in the meditative embodied process of macramé; over the next few months, we will gradually share a series of artworks, articles, and participatory events. We hope something from the programme will resonate with you, and encourage moments of pleasant surprise, wild discovery and satisfactory calm as we tread lightly through the beginning of the year.


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